Best of Minas showcases Minas Gerais products with export potential in international markets. The portal brings producers and importers closer by providing site visitors with information on state companies and their respective products. The goal of the platform is to facilitate and expand the participation of micro, small and medium-sized companies in international markets.

The website offers intelligence products and provides information on Minas Gerais international trade.

Best of Minas was devised by INDI, Minas Gerais Investment and Trade Promotion Agency. The tool helps to promote exports and is, therefore, aligned with the Agency’s mission. Specialists track the inquiries made by importers through the website with a view to guiding participating companies through the process of approaching new customers.

Minas Gerais companies interested in being part of Best of Minas have to complete the self-diagnosis form developed by INDI.

Foreign companies interested in Minas Gerais products can use the search tools (by products, companies or HS codes) to find suppliers.


INDI – Minas Gerais Investment and Trade Promotion Agency

A pioneer among the country’s investment attraction agencies, INDI works for the sustainable economic development of Minas Gerais. It is a state gateway for international trade and investments, and acts in all stages pertaining to those activities.

INDI prospects for investments in strategic sectors, attends new investors and works to make the implementation of these enterprises feasible by connecting public and private entities. Furthermore, the Agency promotes exports and allows micro, small and medium-sized Minas Gerais companies to have access to international markets.

INDI  also prepares reports, monitors trends and develops methodologies to identify investment and export opportunities.